KU Center for Research on Learning

KU Center for Research on Learning


Advanced Learning Technologies (ALTEC)
ALTEC designs, develops, and evaluates the effective use of educational technologies in K-12 instruction and uses evolving technologies to connect and engage learners.

Division of Adult Studies (DAS)
Through research and collaboration, DAS works to improve services for people with disabilities or disadvantages and cultivates improved policies, systems, and practices.

E-Learning Design Lab
The eLearning Design Lab studies and develops new uses of technology to improve learning environments and meet the educational needs of society.

Institute for Health and Disability Policy Studies
IHDPS conducts research on health and disability policy issues with the goal of improving access to and quality of care for all people, particularly those with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Institute for Research on Adolescent Learning
IRAL develops and researches instructional practices, strategies, and programs—including Fusion Reading—that significantly enhance the achievement of adolescents who struggle with learning.

Kansas Coaching Project
KCP conducts research on instructional coaching—on-site professional development intended to teach educators how to use proven instructional methods.

Professional Development Research Institute
PDRI studies ways to deliver quality learning opportunities and support to teachers and other school personnel, with the ultimate goal of improving student achievement.

Transition Coalition
The Transition Coalition develops and offers online and in-person information, resources, and professional development on topics related to the transition from school to adult life for youth with disabilities.


New research from KUCRL’s Institute for Health and Disability Policy Studies
November 26, 2013

A KUCRL study shows a component of the Affordable Care Act can improve the quality of life and health outcomes for those with disabilities.

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Teaching Cause and Effect
November 07, 2013

KUCRL’s first iBook is designed to promote higher-order thinking in any subject.

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Cynthia Lane presents Inspiring Excellence
May 03, 2013

On April 10, 2013, Dr. Cynthia Lane presented “Inspiring Excellence” at the Leadership for Learning Symposium, sponsored by the KU Center for Research on Learning and KU Department of Special Education.

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Empowering Success for ALL Students: A CRL Learns Event
March 12, 2013

Daniel Jhin Yoo, founder of Goalbook, will discuss his efforts to provide better tools and resources for educators during our next CRL Learns event on March 19.

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Creating. Teaching. Learning.
Our work touches many lives. This collection of profiles and stories illustrates how our research makes a difference for educators and students.

CRL Learns
The CRL Learns initiative presents expert guest speakers, dialogue about cutting-edge research, book discussions, and workshops on research practices. Videos of past CRL Learns events are open to site visitors.

Strategic Instruction Model™
Our Strategic Instruction Model™ (SIM™) is a research-validated literacy program that works. SIM tools help adolescents learn how to learn, providing a means for them to achieve independence and success.

Content Literacy Continuum™
The Content Literacy Continuum™ (CLC™) is a coordinated, schoolwide approach to improving literacy for all students in secondary schools, enabling them to meet higher standards.